Welcome to the Lunar Free State…

A new SF series by John E. Siers














The Moon and Beyond

Volume I in the Saga of the Lunar Free State

FINALIST: 2014 Darrell Award for Best SF/Fantasy Novel (http://darrellawards.wordpress.com)

The scientists and engineers at the Deep Space Research Institute are a pretty smart bunch...

So smart, in fact that they've figured out how gravity works. More importantly, they've figured out how to make it work - as a propulsion system. Of course, they're going to tell the world about it... eventually.

But first, they've got a few things to do, like build a fleet of gravity-powered spacecraft, establish a city on the Moon, and declare themselves an independent nation.

... assuming, of course, they can keep the U.S. Government from finding out what they're doing, shutting them down, and placing them all under arrest. But getting there is only half the fun...







Someday the Stars

Volume II in the Saga of the Lunar Free State

WINNER of the 2014 Darrell Award for Best SF/Fantasy Novel (http://darrellawards.wordpress.com)

First the Moon, and now the stars...

It’s been ten years since the Lunar Free State established itself as an independent nation on Earth’s Moon. Since then, other Earth nations have pushed out into space, competing with the LFS for the untapped resources of the Solar System.

On a scientific mission to study Saturn’s rings, the research vessel LFS Stephen Hawking discovers an anomaly – an alien spacecraft that leads the LFS ship on a merry chase, then vanishes into… well, for want of a better term, call it hyperspace.

The incident leaves the LFS facing two undeniable facts: the human race is not alone in the Universe, and travel between the stars is possible. Now they just have to figure out how to do it …









Valkyrie's Daughter

Volume III in the Saga of the Lunar Free State

FIRST RUNNER-UP: 2015 Darrell Award for Best SF/Fantasy Novel (http://darrellawards.wordpress.com)

The alien Akara have a secret. They’ve discovered the location of a planet that is home to a primitive human civilization, another ancient human “seeding” of the legendary Progenitors. But this planet lies in the territory of the Otuka, spacefaring alien predators who consider human flesh to be a delicacy and the planet to be their private hunting preserve. Unwilling to confront the Otuka, the Akara have passed the problem to their human allies, the Lunar Free State. Now, the LFS needs to decide what to do about it. Are the “Moonies” willing to take responsibility for an entire planet’s population?

One thing seems certain: a favorite food of the Otuka is about to get much more expensive, as the LFS Marines teach Otuka hunters a hard lesson in the perils of hunting the most dangerous game in this part of the galaxy.